Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Why Us?

       A. We are a small local Family-Owned business, who offer flexible appointment times. Real Deal Cleaning Services LLC. provides high quality work with very fair prices. R.D.C. builds relationships with our customers. We continually improve the services we offer, and how we do them. We welcome feedback & suggestions from our customers, because our view is that we are your extended family who’s there to help.

2. Q. Do you guarantee my house cleaning work?

        A. All our home services are guaranteed. Please contact us within 24 hours if you are unsatisfied with the service and we will re-clean the area at no additional charge.

3. Q.Will I always have the same service crew

        A. We attempt to ensure that the same team services your home each visit. However, on occasion, we may need to dispatch a different team when problems with weather, holidays, sickness, scheduling conflicts and accidents occur.

4. Q. How many people will clean my home?

        A. Usually, there will be a team of two, but that can vary depending on the individual situation.

5. Q.How long does the 1st cleaning take.?

       A. It takes additional cleaning time to get the home up to R.D.C. quality. A 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom home typically takes from 1.5 hours to 3 hours to be cleaned. Condition and size of the home dictate actual time, for we like to start with a deep cleaning of the home or business.  Regular home service visits are charged as a flat fee. You will receive prior estimates for both the initial cleaning and the regular house cleanings.

6. Q.What do I do with our pets?

        A. Please let us know if you have pets and provide any information regarding them that would be helpful for us. If possible, we prefer pets to be confined away from the areas we clean, to allow us to clean your home better and more efficiently.

7. Q.What if I accidentally lock the cleaning staff out?

       A. As with cancellation fees, if you lock the Real Deal Team out on cleaning day, you will be assessed a lock-out fee. A $40 fee will be assessed in the event that our cleaning associates arrive and are unable to access the premises. This fee is in place to cover expenses we incur for lost travel time and fuel.

8. Q. Are you bonded & insured?

        A. Yes – we are bonded and carry insurance so you are protected against theft, accidental breakage or accidents inside your home. This covers your home, our Real Deal Teams and Real Deal Cleaning Services.