FAQs-Payment & Fees

Each week, from the jobs you’ve completed from the previous Monday through Sunday. We deduct any relevant fees, add any tips you’ve been given, and issues a payment to the bank account you’ve setup.  Payments are issued weekly after a week completed and will usually reach your bank by the following Monday.

Providers will receive two different pay rates, 13hr for New Customers and Promotional Offers, and 18hr for Recurring Customers. Including the entire amount of tips received from the customers.

Generally, the IRS requires you to report all income whether or not you receive a 1099-K or other tax reports. Real Deal Cleaning Services will mail you a 1099-K if during the calendar year: 
1- you received more than $20,000 in payments from Real Deal Cleaning Services,
2- you completed more than 200 chores on the Real Deal Cleaning Services Platform.

Because we know your time is valuable, there’s a cancellation policy in place for both professionals and customers. While the platform is designed to be as flexible as possible, last minute cancellations erode the customers’ ability to rely on Real Deal Cleaning Services and prevent other Real Deal Providers from claiming jobs, which leads to fewer jobs being available to the Providers.

If you cancel a claimed job too close to the scheduled start time, you may be subject to late cancellation fees.

  • If there are 48 hours or more until the job starts, there’s no fee to remove a job.
  • If there are between 24 and 48 hours until the job starts, there’s a $15 fee.
  • If there are between 4 and 24 hours until the job starts, there’s a $25 fee.
  • If there are under 4 hours until the job starts, there’s a $40 fee.
  • If you fail to arrive at a job, there’s a $50 fee.

Real Deal Cleaning charges fees when our records show that you failed to meet the agreements in your Service Provider Agreement. We use that contract to administer the platform, so that the customers know what to expect from Real Deal Cleaning Services, which creates more jobs for the Providers.

If you believe a mistake has been made, and that you were incorrectly charged a fee, please contact the Real Deal Cleaning Services with the job number and we’ll help get everything sorted out.