Real Deal Move In/Out Clean

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Real Deal Move In/Out

      If you are buying a new home or selling it, wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind?  That comes from knowing the home you are moving your family into, or that you are selling, is Real Deal Clean.  R.D.C. Move In/Out  work as a deep cleaning but it takes place when the home is empty. In addition to our R.D.C. Deep Checklist, we also scrub tile, hand wipe baseboards, remove all cobwebs, and more. Leaving your home sparkling without breaking the bank.

R.D.C. Move In/Out Checklist


-Carpets and Rugs vacuumed
-Hard floors swept & mopped
-Cobwebs removed
-Mirrors cleaned and polished
-Baseboard wiped cleaned (R.D.M.C.)

3350998 orig 300x196 - R.D. Move In/Out Clean


-Bathtub and Shower scrub cleaned and sanitized
-Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
-Toilets cleaned and disinfected inside and out
-Sinks cleaned disinfected and polished
-Mirrors cleaned and polished
-Floors swept and mopped
-Cobwebs removed (R.D.M.C.)
-Closet and Cabinets shelves cleaned (R.D.M.C.)
-Baseboards wiped cleaned (R.D.M.C.)

master bathroom designs without a tub 300x200 - R.D. Move In/Out Clean


-Counter-tops and back-splashes cleaned
-Outside of small appliances cleaned
-Exterior of appliance cleaned
-Stove Top cleaned and disinfected
-Sinks cleaned, disinfected and polished
-Floors swept and mopped
-Cobwebs removed (R.D.M.C.)
-Microwave interior cleaned. (R.D.M.C.)
-Clean inside of stove and oven draw. (R.D.M.C.)
-Clean inside Fridge (R.D.M.C.)

midcentury retro kitchen wood cabinets 300x225 - R.D. Move In/Out Clean

Living Room

-Ceiling fans dusted
-Hardwood/Tile floors cleaned and disinfected
-Carpeted areas vacuumed
-Cobwebs removed (R.D.M.C.)
-Baseboards wiped cleaned (R.D.M.C.)

empty home 300x200 - R.D. Move In/Out Clean

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